For your interior and exterior painting projects

For your painting needs made use of our qualified painters. For several years we have dealt with large-scale projects offering only top quality services. Using high quality paint, the result is unparalleled. Painting is the final result of your decorating project. We pride ourselves in quality work and cleanliness . Plâtre et Peinture Pierre Gravel will accomplish all your needs.

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Interior Painting

A high quality paint:

Will resist mold

Is easier to clean

Can be touched up (repaired)

Will conserve its beauty longer

Concrete Floor Paint

Epoxy paint for garage floors (10 years)

epoxy paint for basement flooring and other interior concrete.

Paint for outside Metal:

Epoxy paint with UV coating for metal

Resistant for many years.

Paint on Wood

There is no "exterior paint" that will not damage your wood

There is no "Outside varnish" that will not damage your wood

We have many years of experience in various types of wood.

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Let us fix your walls before painting

For the best results when painting your walls, they must be smooth and flawless. We can perform all your wall, ceiling and drywall repairs before painting.

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